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The hard sell is dying

People are switched on by marketing that creates events around inspiring �their worlds�, their ideas and how they see things through their eyes creating the vision and above all the successful bigger picture. Enabling business to reach it�s true potential beyond expectation!




People easily forget what is said and done, however always remember how they are made to feel.

We ensure that those �Big� inspirational ideas and �light bulb� moments are transcended into creative immersive brand marketing campaigns and make them live across multiple channels, and using these to deliver the brand�s core values and messages in an impactful, unforgettable way



Delivering Powerful, memorable experiences with an unforgettable edge.

Building the long term emotional connections that are the fundamental success of Strong brands.

Ensuring Your brand is noticed and stands out in the crowd.

The best experiences use stories around the brand to connect with people at all levels. Creating brand experiences that engage every aspect- seeing, hearing, touch taste and scent


Creating events with IMPACT!

ZIGZAG is a UK brand experience agency that understands the IMPACT of conversation. We're wherever consumers are, making memorable things happen and getting them talking online and offline.
Conversation doesn't mean shouting. Think engagement, not bombardment. Our experiential, digital and social media campaigns create conversations and connections that consumers love - and which make brands irresistible.
ZIGZAG'S philosophy is simple. Culture, Values, Ideas. Three things. Ideas that get people talking, showing our clients real value and having a culture people want to be a part of are at the heart of our business.



Brands exist in the hearts and minds of consumers.


Get them talking positively about your brand and you are well on the way to success AND MAKING MAKING THAT IMPACT!  We can help you with that.  This positive impact of experiential activity on a person's perceptions of the brand and their likelihood to recommend it indicates that as well as stimulating the necessary short-term measures (such as brand awareness), experiential is also effectively building a deeper, long term relationship with clients by significantly and positively influencing the way they think about that brand.

The goal of experiential marketing is to form a memorable and emotional connection between the consumer and the brand so that it may generate customer loyalty and influence purchase decision.
The aim of having an impact on the consumer is that the event should stimulate the customer/person experience.

High impact intensity which leads to memories:

Integrity providing real, authentic and genuine benefits to the people who attend.



Staffing & Activation

We select the best, quality, talented individuals that will go the extra mile to represent your brand, ensuring it stands out from the crowd. Delivering powerful memorable experiences that are unsurpassable.

Our Event Managers enable the transformation of your brand image and put on a brilliant show to ensure engagement of clients again and again.







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